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Free counseling and guidance

Students in Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy of Music and University College of Copenhagen

The Campus Pastors are a part of the Church of Denmark.
We offer one-to-one conversations about big and small issues. You do not need to have a religous conviction in order to contact us. We are available for all students no matter what their beliefs are.

Relationship problems

Family and relationships?

Problems in our relationship with the immediate family, friends, or (ex-) partner as well as problematic issues in growing up such as divorce etc. can take a lot of attention. can take a lot of attention. It can affect other relationships as well as our focus and dedication into the education. Sometimes it can be nice to talk to someone else about these matters and how to find your way around it.

Burnout and student stress

Stressed out due to studying?

Life as a student can be hard. You may fight educational crises, lack of self-esteem, shame, excessive thoughts, expectation pressure or loneliness. True? In that case a conversation with one of the Campus Pastors might be something for you. Everyday life often looks quite different from our initial dreams and expectations.



Sorg over en mistet person

Ilness and grief?

Grief can affect in different ways. Both by illness, physically or mentally, or by death, separation or other loss. Sometimes family members, friends or even ourselves become affected. Illness and grief are both mentally taxing, time consuming – and isolating. Og i et studieliv er det et ekstra pres med opgaver, eksamener og ift. and social pressures. No one should be alone in such a situation.

“Why talk to a pastor?”
Because you can talk to pastors about everything and we are always available


Find your way in life - and in everyday life

The Campus Pastors is a free counseling service affiliated with all Universities in Denmark.

You don’t need to have a Christian conviction to visit us. Feel free to bring on your concerns and struggles. It can often be a good idea to share your thoughts with someone else, in order to clarify your situation. It is also a good idea to have a place to go to, if you want to talk about things or considerations that are important to you and that you might not want to – or are able to share with your friends or family.

Nothing is too big or too small

Typical topics that students need to talk about are:

  • Burnout and student stress
  • Grief and loss associated with illness and death
  • Loneliness and anxiety
  • Relationships with family, friends and partners
  • Faith & religion, identity and the meaning of life

We keep no records, all inquiries are free, and the Campus Pastors has an absolute duty of confidentiality.

Talk with the Campus Pastor

Talk about your difficulties

- and get help dealing with your challenges

Get the story about how 26-year-old Trine Helledie from CBS found a free space when, for a period, the student stress became too much. Through conversations with the Campus Pastor, Trine regained her joy of studying and her stress symptoms subsided.

Also listen to Håkon Bisgaard’s story, how he experienced that the studies became too much after a death occurred in his immediate family. But after conversations with the Campus Pastor, he found peace and will to continue with his studies.

Sådan kan studenterpræsten hjælpe
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“What if I can not quite put into words what is filling my life?”
You do not need to know in advance what you would like to talk about. If you need it to talk, simply show up.