Attendance and activities

Come and join us


Come join us – both Danes and Internationals – we knit and talk and drink tea and coffee. There are someone to help if you are a beginner or never tried before.
It is free – and there is a lot of HYGGE 
Every second Thursday in even weeks from 4.30 pm to 6 pm
19th October to 14th December
Where: Sct. Thomas church, Rolighedsvej 16, Frederiksberg


Lean back and lower your shoulders as the church’s old room is filled with meditative, electronic sound surfaces and undulating lights.  During the evening, different sound artists will create one special atmosphere and play yourself into the hope
and the light so that you can move on excitedly into the night.
See You:

2th Februay 2024

15th March 2024




For those who need a break from studies and responsibilities.
A break where you can just be yourself, no matter the state you are in. Through mindful yoga, body scan and meditation you will get deeper in touch with your body, your senses, and your heart. You may even have peace of mind for a while.

When: Thursday in odd weeks from 16.30 – 18.00

Start Thursday, 26 th October 

Where: Sct. Thomas Church, Rolighedsvej 16, Frederiksberg
Price: Free