Who are we?

Campus Pastors are available at all Danish National Universities and at most other higher educations. Campus Pastors are educated theologians and are employed by the The Church of Denmark and are often one of several counseling services at Educational Sites.

There are two Pastors at Frederiksberg Campus: Søren Kjær Bruun and Charlotte Cappi Grunnet. We come around at Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy of Music, University College of Copenhagen. We offer personal help and guidance for students. You don’t need to have a religious conviction to meet us. 

Feel free to share your concerns and struggles. Sharing your thoughts with someone else can clarify your situation. You can also share thoughts and considerations  that you might not want to share with your friends or family.

All conversations are bound by confidentiality 

We keep no records

All inquiries are free

We have no or only a very short waitingtime

Talk with a campus pastor
We have no or only very short waitingtime

About us

Campus Pastors

Søren Kjær Bruun

Søren Kjær Bruun

“I look very much forward to meet you and to listen to what you have on your mind. We can meet at CBS or at Sct. Thomas Church. We can also have a cup of coffee at your favorite café. I am also happy to offer a WALK AND TALK, maybe during your lunch break.

Call Søren at +45 3030 3195.

Charlotte Cappi Brunnet

Charlotte Cappi Grunnet

Life can be challenging in several ways. We offer you a confidential room where you can share feelings, thoughts and frustrations.  Sharing can  ease the pain in your mind and clarify what options you presently have.

When I was a student I would have liked to share things with the Campus Pastors, but I thought they were only talking about faith and God. It is important for me to emphasize that you can come as you are and you do not need to have a religious conviction.

Call Charlotte at +45 3030 6494.